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Our 1st Lady

Mildred A. Luster
 "Our Do'di"

         Lady Luster affectionately called Do’di(Beloved) is the

First Lady of the BrideGroom Apostolic Church in Jacksonville.  

She has been married to Suffragan Bishop A. L. Luster for the

past 45 years, and four children were born from this union:

Arden II, Avery, Andrea and Aaron.  She recently retired from JEA

(Jacksonville Electric Authority) after 24 years of commendable service.  


        She has been a member at BrideGroom since her birth, and she has served in many capacities throughout the years.  Her life has been characterized by the scripture that speaks of the GREATEST in God’s kingdom, a servant.  She honors every position that God has allowed her to hold throughout her life, which includes, but aren’t limited to the Treasurer of the Florida State Council Women Auxiliary and Assistant Secretary of the Ministers’ Wives Auxiliary. She was also elected as an ELECT Lady of the State of Florida by the late Elma Jean Bowers, former First Lady of the P. A. of W.  Serving her former Pastor, Evangelist Winona Hicks, has been one of the greatest and most rewarding positions, because Pastor Hicks taught her that the greatest people on earth are the Saints of God, and they’re to be distinctively served at ALL times.  From her youth, she served the saints from cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms and the church for services to preparing Pastor Hicks’ home to receive the Saints of God during councils, revivals, Back to Pentecost Fellowships, 5th Sunday Union meetings, to mere weekend visits from Pastor G. B. Butler and Evangelist K. B. Johnson.  Servants, as she has found throughout all her years at BrideGroom, require an humble spirit and a heart of faithfulness.  Having this kind of heart led her to also serve as the former President of the Lincoln Villas Community Association.  


            After 26 years as the First Lady of BrideGroom, she is still serving God’s people. One of her greatest joys is developing young ladies, helping them to realize their greatest potential, as to use in God’s kingdom, always focusing on the aspect of SERVICE, not coming to be ministered to, but to minister, in every capacity of the church, within and without; she lets them know that God has need of them.


“But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”  



Love & Service ABOVE ALL, 

     Do’di Mildred Luster

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